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Repairing or Replacing Your Windshield at Novus Central Otago

The windscreen of a car is one of the most important glass features on the vehicle. However, this is the one feature on a car that takes the most abuse and is most susceptible to damage. A small stone kicking up from the pavement while driving, even at minimal speeds, can cause a great deal of damage to the windscreen. In these instances, when a windscreen has become damaged, people often turn to the services provided by Novus Central Otago.

Novus is an auto glass repair service and like most auto glass repair services, they can handle the repair or the replacement of any sort of auto glass surface. However, the bulk of the work most auto glass services deal with has to do is with damaged windscreens. The good thing is that there are many benefits to using an auto glass service for these issues.

From a cost standpoint, most auto glass services work closely with auto insurance companies. Many auto insurance policies pay for the replacement or the repairs needed to a vehicle windscreen. When the insurance company handles these costs, the auto glass service will make the repairs and file the paperwork with the insurance company. This makes it possible for a person to get their windscreen repaired or replaced with few hassles and no out of pocket expenses.

It’s also important to understand the urgency of replacing or repairing a windscreen. A small chip or a crack can be repaired. However, time is of the essence. Should this damage be noticed, it will be important to have it repaired as quickly as possible. Prolonged driving with a damaged windscreen can cause the damage to expand making replacing it the only option.

A cracked or excessively chipped windscreen can also impair vision out of the front of the vehicle. This increases the risk of driver error and can lead to a car accident. In addition, the windscreen provides over 70% of the structural integrity of the roof. Should an accident involve the car tipping over with a damaged windscreen, the results could be catastrophic.

If your windscreen is chipped or cracked, it needs to be taken care of immediately. The problem will only get worse, and it could make driving exceptionally risky. With the repair or replacement services of Novus, your windscreen issues can be easily resolved.